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About the ARP Network 

What we do


African societies have too often been interpreted and shaped through the eyes of other parts of the world. This is now being challenged by African social scientists and entrepreneurs, a major result of which is the idea of Africapitalism - a form of capitalism that responds to community rather than individualistic values. 

We bring together experts, scholars, key stakeholders and those with an interest in Africa's growth and development potential. We create the space for cross-pollination of ideas and research. We convene experts to discuss Africapitalism and how we can build on this as a field in research and teaching. Join us - get in touch today.

Steering Commitee 

Kenneth Amaeshi_42.jpg

Kenneth Amaeshi

EUI/ University of Edinburgh


Judy Muthuri

University of Nottingham 


Ndidi Nnoli Edozien 

Afrikairos GmBH


Uchenna Okeja 

Rhodes University  


Uwafiokun Idemudia

York University, Canada 


Amon Chizema 

Loughborough University


Mehdi Boussebaa

University of Glasgow 


Natasha Ashley

University of Edinburgh 

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